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Ascend Bit x GEC revealed the Supply Chain Financing Platform to help business partners

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Ascend Bit in collaboration with GEC revealed the Supply Chain Financing Platform to help business partners have better business liquidity

The first collaboration between two partners to push the Supply Chain Financing Platform for business partners. Both companies will use their experience and expertise to improve business processes and financial transactions to be more appropriate and secure with the goal to create better and efficient services for business partners.

Dr.Michael Gryseels, the President, CEO Ascend Bit and CP Group Chief Digital Officer have spoken that, although both companies have different expertise, but when join forces, we will be able to combine Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain to create a transparent and secure technology of the future which can help customers have better access to fundings to improve business liquidity in a more secure way. The goal of this collaboration is to be the leading technological financing company in Thailand that is both secure and transparent. We hope to keep on joining forces with each other to further develop technology in other aspects for the benefits of consumers and every organization.

Mr.Natwut Amornvivat, Chairman of the Board, True Digital Group have spoken that, it is an honor for Ascend Bit to be able to collaborate with GEC and Ascend Bit will utilize Blockchain Platform to further improve the efficiency of Supply Chain Finance technology to be more transparent, secure and reliable for business transaction. We believed that this collaboration will help reduce the risks of transaction finance for business.

Mr.Rathapol Bhakdibhumi, President and CEO of General Electronic Commerce Services said that, currently, digital technology is a vital part increasing efficiency in this highly competitive industry not only for large organizations, but also SMEs that need to integrate digital technology into their organization.

The goal of General Electronic Commerce Services, the leading digital technology in developing Supply Chain and Supply Chain Finance with more than 24 years of experience, is to create strategies and improve finance technology to support large organizations and SMEs to have better access to fundings with reduced cost, which aligned with the goal of ABC to develop blockchain technology to have world-class standard in both security and transparency.

GEC is pleased to announce this collaboration with Ascend Bit as the expertises of both companies in Supply Chain Finance technology and Blockchain technology have help create the Supply Chain Financing Platform that will support the customers and business partners of ABC to have better access to fundings and promote business liquidity in a secure way.

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