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Fullstack Software Engineer (Frontend Inthusiastic)

This role is for a fullstack software engineer who has a strong enthusiasm and specialization in frontend web development. While having the ability to work across the entire stack, their primary passion and deep expertise lies in building modern, responsive, and highly interactive user interfaces.

The ideal candidate would have extensive experience in frontend technologies, a deep understanding of web standards, performance optimization techniques, and a keen eye for design and user experience. While being a fullstack developer, their true passion lies in crafting rich and engaging user interfaces.


1. Develop and maintain front-end and back-end components of web applications.

2. Collaborate on UI and API design, development, and integration.

3. Write, test, and implement efficient code across various platforms.

4. Identify and address potential issues in full-stack applications.

5. Work within an Agile framework.


1. 3+ years of experience in full-stack development.

2. Expertise in JavaScript/TypeScript frameworks, especially React/NEXT.js.

3. Proficient in backend languages and API development.

4. Familiarity with Clean Architecture, OpenAPI, JSON Schema and Docker.

5. Experience with GitOps, DevOps practices, and GitHub Actions is a plus.

6. Experience in Agile methodologies.

7. Skill in Golang and Solidity programming is a strong plus but not required.

Non-Technical Skills

1. Commitment to continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

2. Ability to consistently go above and beyond in assigned tasks.

3. Strong habit of consistency, reliability and high productivity.

4. High commitment to quality results with attention to detail.

5. Flexibility in managing multiple tasks and adapting to different contexts.

6. Effective communication and collaboration skills.

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