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Platform Engineer (Application Support)

This role is responsible for monitoring and managing production blockchain applications, operating incident/change management processes, analyzing service tickets, conducting root cause analysis, creating monitoring dashboards with KPIs/metrics, ensuring security compliance, automating deployment/testing tasks, and developing alerts and remediation playbooks. Requires expertise in Kubernetes, observability tools like Grafana, DevOps/GitOps practices, databases/SQL, providing technical support, managing config files, understanding networks/HTTP/APIs, and ability to write scripts and inspect web applications.


1. Monitor and manage production services and blockchain applications.

2. Operate Incident, Change, and Problem Management processes to improve service efficiency.

3. Analyze service tickets and collaborate for effective resolution and outcome improvement.

4. Conduct incident root cause analysis and draft RCA reports for system optimization.

5. Create comprehensive service monitoring dashboards, incorporating key performance indicators, MTTR, and SLA metrics.

6. Ensure compliance with security and data standards in monitoring practices.

7. Continuously reduce repetitive tasks by developing automation scripts for application deployment, testing, and monitoring functions.

8. Create actionable alerts and predictive remediation playbooks for proactive service management.


1. Knowledgeable in Software and toolchains from CNCF, such as Kubernetes.

2. Experienced with observability tools such as Grafana.

3. Experienced in DevOps, GitOps, CI/CD Pipeline using GitHub ecosystem, like GitHub Actions, GitHub Workflow, etc.

4. Experienced in managing relational databases and SQL querying languages like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

5. Experienced in providing technical support to the operation team.

6. Experienced in managing configuration files, such as YAML, JSON, etc.

7. Basic knowledge in networks, HTTP protocol, and web APIs.

8. Able to write Shell scripts or PowerShell or Python, etc.

9. Able to inspect web applications using Developer Tools in Browser.

Non-Technical Skills

1. Commitment to continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

2. Ability to consistently go above and beyond in assigned tasks.

3. Strong habit of consistency, reliability and high productivity.

4. High commitment to quality results with attention to detail.

5. Flexibility in managing multiple tasks and adapting to different contexts.

6. Effective communication and collaboration skills.

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