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ABC Point and Wallet

ABC POINT & Wallet - a point exchange program embedded inside the TrueMoney Application, allows user to convert their points seamlessly to ABC Points  which users can further redeem for exclusive products or services offered in the ABC catalog

  • Seamless journey with a while-label wallet solution

  • Point conversion from the bank and Charoen Phokapand group partners

  • Wide range of offerings in the ABC catalog to serve customers' various demands

  • track and trace points throughout the process end to end

End-to-End Solution

All-in-one NFT solution for businesses looking to bring innovation to reach the new generation customers, and potentially generate new income for the business. ABC offers customized service based on business requirements from end to end i.e. creating and minting NFT tokens, bridging from ABC's private chain to the Public chain. Moreover, ABC can enable businesses to earn royalty kick-back from secondary sales 


ABC Blockchain
As a Service

World-class blockchain infrastructure of blockchain use cases across CPG and partners ecosystem ; We offer tools and resources that enable developers to create, test, and deploy blockchain-based applications quickly and easily. One Blockchain platform to improve collaboration & harmonize Blockchain development efforts across CPG. ABC Blockchain Managed Services including Full-Stack, Cross-Cloud Platform with Solutions

Blockchain for
Supply Chain Financing

One stop service for finance registration and invoice financing for CPG’ suppliers or venders where suppliers, CPG BU’s and lenders can connect and transact in an automated and secure way.

  • Increase liquidity for business with more amount of revolving fund

  • Lower financial cost than their own arrangement

  • Reduce complication and complexity of documentation process

  • No collateral required

  • Convenience from making transactions via highly secured electronic system

  • Early cash flow to capture business opportunities

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