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Loyalty 3.0

Advance your loyalty program
with gamified experiences

Create you own loyalty gamification campaign fast and easily with our software.

Why Loyalty 3.0 ?

Not only create fun customer engagement experiences but can also meet business goals. With our underlying blockchain technology, we allow businesses to create flexible game mechanics under smart contracts and simply design their own rewards.


Create fun games that your users can enjoy anywhere anytime

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Drive engagement and retention in your business

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Incentivize your customers with a variety of rewards 

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Utilize game mechanics to drive your sales

Our Web 3 Solution

We have created web 3.0 solutions enabling merchants/brands to deliver innovative and differentiated Loyalty/CRM experiences quickly with minimal integrations.

Loyalty 3.0.png

Business Console

  • Create customized or event-based campaign in a few easy steps

  • Create fancy tokenized  or NFTs reward to drive engagement

  • One time integration for web hook event and profile authentication

  • Adjust logo and colour to align with your branding

  • Plug-in tools such as Google Analytics, MixPanel and Braze

Mini-App for End Users

  • User-friendly mini app  where the user will interact for completing campaign missions, receive rewards and other activities

  • Enjoy challenging mission and reward real-time

  • can be embed in any hosting app for seamless experiences

  • Get invited to unique offerings or experience based on user own assets


Features and Tutorial

Learn more about each features and how to set them to suit your business.
How to customize your Mini-App to fit your business's unique identity.

Empower Your Brand Now

Join us and elevate customer engagement now!

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