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True Money collaborated with Ascend Bit in using Blockchain to elevate CRM with “ABC Loyalty 3.0”

True Money collaborated with Ascend Bit in using Blockchain technology to elevate CRM with “ABC Loyalty 3.0” so that customers may participate in a new form of special event on ShopRewards+ by True Money.

TrueMoney, the leader of a financial technology brand, providing e-payment services in Southeast Asia collaborated with Ascend Bit Company Limited or ABC, the leading blockchain solutions provider, just revealed a new form of CRM program via “ABC Loyalty 3.0” program to aid True Money in creating a special event on ShopRewards+ by True Money, which is a membership program and a collection of various privileges from merchants on True Money application.

True Money has just launched a new feature where users can participate in completing missions and get rewards on ShopRewards+ by True Money. This feature is a feature that integrated ABC Loyalty 3.0 program which uses Blockchain technology, Web 3 and Digital Collection to unlock the limit of CRM program, as well as creating Customer Engagement and new experiences for both users and merchants via the use of Gamification feature.

According to recent trends, it can be seen that consumers in Thailand ranks in third place globally in terms of their interest in CRM programs. However, almost 60% of them found that the current Loyalty programs in the market do not meet their needs and are complicated to use, resulting in their decision to not use these Loyalty programs.

As such, Ascend Bit Company Limited decided to step in and develop the ABC Loyalty 3.0 program to provide business partners and merchants with a CRM program which they can easily utilize to create various campaigns by themselves as needed. The ABC Loyalty 3.0 program utilizes the Smart Contract from Blockchain, which greatly helps business partners to create the ideal campaign mission, providing benefits and services that match with the needs of their customers when all conditions have been fulfilled.

Those who are interested in ABC Loyalty 3.0 by Ascend Bit Company Limited can find more details at and find more information about ShopReward+ by TrueMoney at

Special! True Money users can now participate in completing missions to receive various rewards and benefits by purchasing vouchers in ShopReward+ and get cashback of 100 THB when making a purchase of 1,000 THB. Don’t miss out on other mission in 2023 from today by going to True Money application and go to the “Event” section and select the “Coupon Mission” banner or go to to start doing missions!



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